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OGLIAROLA Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Italy

OGLIAROLA Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Italy

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Due to a global bottle shortage, actual bottles may vary in shape, but volumes remain the same.

Can't say enough about this beautiful extra virgin olive oil with groves located in the boot of Italy. The Ogliarola olive oil is elevated in taste as the groves are cross pollinated with white peach, apple and almond trees. The olive oil has a deep fruity/grassy aroma with a smooth peppery finish. This cultivar has a reputation of maintaining a consistent taste throughout the harvest year.  Pairs beautifully with any of our balsamic vinegars.

They are harvested early, when their color is still green turning brown. Incredibly delicious on any olive oil friendly dish such as fish, rigatoni pasta, bruschetta, pesto, caprese salad, shaved brussel sprouts, risotto, and more.

Flavor Profile: Deep fruity/grassy aroma with a “white fruit” (apple and white peach) taste followed up with a almond aftertaste.  Color is golden yellow with light green reflex.

Favorite Pairings: Blueberry or Huckleberry Balsamic, Dark Chocolate Balsamic

Medium to Robust
Acidity 0.30
Winter 2022/2023
Polyphenols: 410

1 TBS = Fat  14g      Saturated Fat  2g    Calories 120

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