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KORONEIKI Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Greece

KORONEIKI Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Greece

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Due to a global bottle shortage, actual bottles may vary in shape, but volumes remain the same.

KORONEIKI Olive Oils are noted for their fruitiness and stability, which means that they keep their flavor and freshness a longtime. The Koroneiki olive, picked while still green, is highly prized for its aromatic, strongly flavored oil, perfect for enjoying in its natural raw state or added at the end of cooking. Olive farming in Crete remains based mainly on small traditional family-owned plantations.  The Greeks themselves consume more olive oil than any other nation and with this olive oil, you can taste why.

Flavor Profile: Reminiscent of the olive tree’s wood, the greenness of its leaves, with soft herbal notes. Intense with the variety’s characteristic soft ending and touch of sweetness.

Favorite Pairings: Hickory Balsamic Vinegar, Cucumber Melon White Balsamic Vinegar, Lambrusco Vinegar

Harvest winter 2022/2023
Acidity 0.33

Polyphenols: 439
1 TBS = Fat  14g      Saturated Fat  2g    Calories 120

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