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BLOOD ORANGE Naturally Flavored EVOO

BLOOD ORANGE Naturally Flavored EVOO

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Due to a global bottle shortage, actual bottles may vary in shape, but volumes remain the same.

A blood orange is aromatic and much more prominent in flavor that just a plain orange!  No matter what the application, the end result is one that creates a flavor experience like never before with this naturally flavored extra virgin olive oil!  Grilled salmon is delicious. Vinaigrettes spring to life with a drizzle or two. Perfect addition for baking light, fluffy and moist carrot cake, muffins or pancakes. Pair with our Pear or Maple balsamic for a taste sensation. A steak will never taste the same when you pair with our Espresso balsamic...Wow!  


1 TBS = Fat  14g      Saturated Fat  2g    Calories 120

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