The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.

I go to Olive & Vyne frequently! Every product I have purchased has been excellent and the service is outstanding! The ladies who own this shop work hard to ensure high quality products. Wonderful gift packs too that make great Christmas presents! (Lois, Boise ID)

We saw this store while eating breakfast across the street. My husband is a huge balsamic vinegar fan, so we had to take a peek. The service could not have been better or more personable without being pushy. Wonderful staff who introduced us to creative flavors and engaged in lively conversation. A great find and highly recommend trying their incredible oils and vinegars!  (Annie, Garden City ID)

I first read about Olive and Vyne in a local magazine and put it on the list to try. My husband and I - who both love oil and vinegars stepped in yesterday and we stepped out with more than a half dozen assorted flavors of both oil and vinegar. It was fun as even though there were several people in the store, the owner helped all of us. It was so fun listening to her and tasting her recommendations. And, the BEST PART is we left with more than a dozen recipes pertaining to the products we purchased. Can't wait to try all the different flavors and her suggestions. The prices are quite reasonable, no pressure to buy, but with the owners guidance, you want to try and buy it all. So fun! Hop in the car and take the drive - definitely worth it!!  (Eastcoastlover, Boise ID)

Stopped by to check out the flavored olive oils after seeing an advertisement in a local shopping brochure and took home several bottles. My favorite is the Habanero flavor olive oil. When I told the lady I loved to use it over my salads in place of salad dressings for health reasons, she had me try a mixture of the Habanero oil with her Cucumber Melon Balsamic Vinegar. All I can say is yumm, yumm. I am certainly going to be a steady customer. (Hank, Eagle, ID)

If you want to enhance your cooking skills and transform yourself into a gourmet cook you need to visit the store! They have several varieties of olive oil and vinegar and will be more than happy to help you find the right creation. They also have recipes that go with everything. My favorites are is garlic oil and the citrus habanero! YUMMY! Also the huckleberry vinegar and basil oil is an out-of-this-world combination. (Vicki, Eagle ID)

I will never eat bottled salad dressing again! I don't know what Huckleberry is but I like it! This has been a perfect gift for my friends that do not cook but want to add a little zing to their commercially prepared foods.  (Robin, Studio City CA)

Just stumbled across this place after having breakfast!!! Such tasty products to try! They sell unique and tasty oils and balsamic vinegars to mix or try separately! They let you dip bread into different creations and was a fun experience! Will be back and would make a great gift for anyone who likes to cook!! Prices were very reasonable as well! Very friendly and helpful service!! They also have sample recipes around the shop to show you all you can make with their products.  (Rachel, Boise ID)

This is the best olive oil store around. I travel 4 hours to stock up. Wonderful variety of oils and vinegars. (Annie, Soda Springs ID)

Olive and Vyne is amazing!! Hope and Kellie are wonderful people!  Their Balsamic's are THE BEST bar none!  They did a tasting for me Sunday at my open house and did a fabulous job!!!  (Jaylene, Eagle ID)

Love this shop! They sell very high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar at a reasonable price. These add a lot of flavor to food without adding calories. Helpful staff with always a suggestion on how to use your favorites. Great for gifts! I always look forward to the next new flavor they introduce. I encourage everyone to stop in to "taste" their products! (Janet, Star ID)

I love this place! It is really a unique experience to be able to try all of the different flavors of oil and vinegar before purchasing. The staff is knowledgeable and really friendly. They also have some terrific gift items. We will be back! (Denice, Star ID)

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar heaven! Hope and Kellie take extra great care of all their guests. Not only can you taste everything they carry, they have several recipe options for each product. My kitchen is full of Olive and Vyne, all my friends too, as their products make the perfect gift!  (Carrie, Boise ID)

Thank you Hope and Kellie for bringing such a flavorable addition to Idaho! Every shopping experience is an adventure, whether stocking up our kitchen or finding awesome gifts for our loved ones. Definitely 'taste heaven' that once you try it, you will keep coming back for more.  (Tracey, Star ID)

We had been hearing about this gem of a shop since it opened and so glad we stopped by...wonderful selection of Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar lots of sampling and staff were attentive and informative. Bought some lovely oil and vinegars back to Texas. Highly recommend going there. Loved it and it is warm and inviting.  (Deborah, Seabrook, TX)

Visited the store on Sat May 24. It was a great visit. I loved all of the different flavors and combining flavors. What a great place! I will be back and recommend a visit by others! (Alison, Boise ID)

Great products, great service - love the recipes!!! Fig is my fav!  (Christina, Eagle ID)

Wow!! Amazing... A party in my mouth!  (Wendy, Boise ID)

Just wandered about this awesome shop. Bought a supply of fun flavors of oil and balsamic. Can't wait to try them out. By the time we left, my grandson was a balsamic lover too! (Susie, Boise ID)

We were fascinated by the wide selection of vinegar, oils and olives available at Olive and Vyne. In addition the store was staffed by the owners Hope and Kellie who were very pleasant knowledgeable and proud of the of their quality products. (and well they should be). The store has many stainless dispensers which allowed us to sample a wide variety and purchase those which appealed to us. These make fine gifts too. With one stop we were able to satisfy our Christmas shopping list. They also offer shipping services. Thank you Olive and Vyne.  (Robert, Eagle ID)