Savory Instant Pot Butternut Soup


In my opinion, Butternut Squash Soup should go right up there with Pumpkin Spice Lattes when Fall hits. Nothing beats a warm, comforting soup for dinner when you walk in from the cold, blustery day. And this one, because it's Instant Pot, can be done in a flash! It also can be done conventional stove top too, just takes a little longer. One thing I've found is that the apple counts. I've tried it with Braeburns, Fujis, and Granny apples. It changes the flavor of the soup for sure! The Braeburns and Fujis give it a softer taste, sweet and smooth. The Granny Smith apple gives it more of a savory tart taste. Bacon goes better with the reds, leave bacon out and go dairy free and load up on the herbs with the green. It's a fun experiment! And the cool part is, one can experiment all winter long too. Get the family involved! See which version they like best!

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